Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ego Poem, "I Know"

I know I'm amazing.
I bathed in praise my whole life,
From family to classmates and friends,
Everyday, hearing,

"You're such a great artist!", I know I am,
I could even be called the next Leonardo da Vinci
"You're so smart!", I know I am.
When everyone whines about math, I cheer.

But I also hear things like,
"You're so quiet." I know I am.
I just have nothing interesting to say.
"You cry a lot.", I know I do.
I'm a crybaby who cries over fictional stories.

I know I'm great.
I love myself and my talents,
But I disappoint myself, expecting more from myself.
But moving forward is essential,
Realize that I don't have do everything perfectly,
Accept the compliments,
Don't get jealous,
Accept that I'm not the best.
I know I'm good.

Memory/Fantastical Poem, "Disconnected"

The small new town, it connected people.
Newtown, Connecticut.
26 murdered, 2 injured.
Motive? Unknown.

The new town has been ruined.
The small buds, about to bloom,
Had their roots disconnected,
By the poisoned flower.
He spread the poison, wilting many,
Including himself and his own mother.

Unable to grow into powerful trees,
These buds now wilt,
Following the poisoned flower into the bright light.
The broken loved ones below weep.

Persona Poem, "You"

Where are you? I have no clue.
You, who always came to your contradicting home with a bright smile,
Haven't been happy for a while.
The girl who picked me up from the animal prison cell,
You've given me the opposite of hell.

You, who game me enjoyable, delicious lunches,
Even enduring your malicious mother's punches,
Have water coming out of your eyes.
While I don't understand, I think they're called "cries".

You, who petted me until i purred,
Something in you have stirred.
And in that boring, bare basement in the shade of black and blue,
I found you.
I knew it didn't feel right,
It wasn't a pretty sight;
You had a rope around your neck and you weren't moving,
But still, being with you is soothing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Color Poem, "White is All Around us"

The freezing snow, the untouchable clouds, our simple clothes,
White is all around us.

It's the sound of silence, a conversation's worst enemy,
And makes us feel relaxed and peaceful.
White is all around us.

It's sweet and cold, like Friendly's ice cream.
And helps us fix our problems with just a bottle of liquid,
White is all around us.

I remember my first snow; beautiful and surreal,
It is the purity of a child's belief,
The serene, snowy scene of winter,
White is all around us.