Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ego Poem, "I Know"

I know I'm amazing.
I bathed in praise my whole life,
From family to classmates and friends,
Everyday, hearing,

"You're such a great artist!", I know I am,
I could even be called the next Leonardo da Vinci
"You're so smart!", I know I am.
When everyone whines about math, I cheer.

But I also hear things like,
"You're so quiet." I know I am.
I just have nothing interesting to say.
"You cry a lot.", I know I do.
I'm a crybaby who cries over fictional stories.

I know I'm great.
I love myself and my talents,
But I disappoint myself, expecting more from myself.
But moving forward is essential,
Realize that I don't have do everything perfectly,
Accept the compliments,
Don't get jealous,
Accept that I'm not the best.
I know I'm good.

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