Thursday, February 26, 2015

Persona Poem, "You"

Where are you? I have no clue.
You, who always came to your contradicting home with a bright smile,
Haven't been happy for a while.
The girl who picked me up from the animal prison cell,
You've given me the opposite of hell.

You, who game me enjoyable, delicious lunches,
Even enduring your malicious mother's punches,
Have water coming out of your eyes.
While I don't understand, I think they're called "cries".

You, who petted me until i purred,
Something in you have stirred.
And in that boring, bare basement in the shade of black and blue,
I found you.
I knew it didn't feel right,
It wasn't a pretty sight;
You had a rope around your neck and you weren't moving,
But still, being with you is soothing.

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